As Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, nature's pace is slow and her secret is patience.

Easter by Marie Howe

(a day late, still moving)

Easter by Marie Howe

Two of the fingers on his right hand
had been broken

so when he poured back into that hand it surprised him - it hurt him at first

And the whole body was too small. Imagine
the sky trying to fit into a tunnel carved into a hill.

He came into it two ways:
From the outside, as we step into a pair of pants.

And from the center - suddenly all at once.
Then he found himself awake in the dark alone.

free will

If I conclude that there’s not free will, it doesn’t mean we should go run amok in the streets. I’m not more free to make that choice than I am to make any other choice. And so there’s a practical notion of responsibility or civic free will that we uphold when we prosecute somebody when we hold juries, when we pursue justice that I completely think is a practical notion that we should continue to pursue. It’s not like I can choose to be irresponsible or responsible because I’m confused about free will. That’s being even more confused than me…

We should never turn away from what nature has to show us, that we should never pretend we don’t see it, because it’s too difficult to confront it…

Janna Levin

First World Problems, or Still Real

Let go and let God.
You create your own reality.
Your destiny is borne into being when you are.
You are a star.
You are a grain of sand.
You are important.
Love yourself, even your weaknesses.
You are stronger than your weakness.
Be strong. Overcome weakness.
Flaws define you.
Love yourself.
Be open to change.
Close yourself to temptation.
Do not go to sleep angry.
Sleep on it.
Speak from a place of passion.
Speak from a place of peace.
Wear yourself.
Be yourself.
Let your whole self roll out.
Ride your temper.
Let your whole self roll out.
Say how you feel.
Think before you speak.
Love is patient.
Love is hard.
Love unconditionally.
It should not be this hard.
Lean in.
Move on.
Let go and let god.
Free yourself from mental slavery.
God is the trinity (male).
God can be touched.
God is the wind.
God is what you believe god is.
God does not exist.
Let go and let god.
Make mistakes.
Wear yourself.
What the hell is always the right decision.
Let your past be your guide.
Live in the moment.
Love your future self.
Be yourself.
Be intentional.
Life cannot be planned.
Think of the consequences.
There is no dress rehearsal.
Get out of your mind.
Breathe before you speak.
Be present.
Focus on where you are going.
Be kind.
Let go and let god.
Live for others.
Live for you.
Give of yourself to justice.
Do what makes you happy.
Happiness is a state of mind.
Happiness exists in its pursuit.
Work hard.
Do not worry.
Be intentional.
Let go and let god.
Love your positive.
Love your negative.
Operate from the positivity pole.
Chaos abounds.
Be honest.
Bask in the light.
Sit in the darkness.
Remain optimistic.
Explore sadness.
Let go and let god.
Fear is the enemy.
Identify your fears.
Do one thing every day that frightens you.
Fear is the alert system of consciousness.
Fear is healthy.
Fear is a warning.
Be fearless.
Be humble.
Be flamboyant.
Be vulnerable.
Be strong.

Focus on yourself.
Respect your elders.
Create something new.
New is old.
Old is new.
Pour new foundations.
Use public transportation.
Ride your bike.
Remove yourself from distraction.
Engage with your community.
Be alone.
You are alone.
You are never alone.
Reality is a gift.
You create your own reality.
The mind is a series of chemical reactions.
We are socialized.
Your mind is how the world shows up to you.
Your mind is your brain.
Mental illness is real.
Disease equals dis + ease.
Let go and let god.
Get it together.
Ask for help.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Say how you feel.
Body and mind work together.
Your body says no, your mind says yes.
Your mind says no, your body says yes.
Addiction destroys.
Medication helps.
Worship yourself.
Be grateful.
Visualize everything.
Be powerful.
Be humble.
Build green.
Use what’s here.
Buy organic.
Labels are only labels.
Let go and let god.
Power comes from within.
Power belongs not to you.
Derive courage from your community.
Stand alone.
Surround yourself.
Embrace solitude.
Love your enemies.
Be cautious.
Be careful.
This is the human condition.
Consciously evolve.
Love is always the answer.
Love is not always enough.

"A good life is still a life. It must involve a full share of suffering, loneliness, disappointment and coming to terms with one’s own mortality and the deaths of those one loves. To live a life that is good as a life involves all this."

How to Worry Less about Money John Armstrong

Dr. Martin Luther King

Hamlet’s Resistance

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pitch and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

Hamlet, Act 3, Scene I


The air grew heavy but with a mass different from winter’s weight. Grey wool sun captive slush sadness spinning globe. The ladies convene in a circle around the fire considering how ill-prepared they are, their city is, for spring. We are no longer we fear accustomed to airs of possibility and blades of grass reaching for new life to the the sky. Nine souls radiating, meditating in a community room named Luck in a house of recovery named Serendipity in the Bedford Stuyvescent section of Brooklyn. The madonna - wise strong mother of child - was there also. Always emerging from the night shadows.

Heat continues to rise. Goddamned global warming. Some fan their necks. Some remember icicles. Some lose themselves in the flame. We all breathe it. Suffocation takes hold of one of us.

Look out for one another.

Blood slow its movement through her veins. We hear what she has told us. Blood pressure low, prescriptions showing their side effects, the heat feels too much. I am scared.

Women gather round.

We feel her. With our pupils. Our hands. Our emotions. Our lungs. We grasp but with energy to respirate, we are able to cry out for our sister. In and out, we say. Help, we pray.

It arrives. One grabs her coat. Another pleads for permission to ride this storm at her side. Another touches her, hand on upper arm, knee, down her damp tshirt to the place behind her lungs, like her mother used to do. Others collect dollars so she does not leave broke. Still others visualize, calm the fire with their minds. All prayers on deck.

Challenges exist first in our mind. Borne of memory, they rise up mountains, sound walls, flames in our paths. We may move through them or over them and eventually beyond them but doing demands determination. We may not deny them and we may not do it alone. No. We may not. Hold her up.

Rise. Rise. Rise. Scenery unfolds to the mind’s eye. Horizons impossible, now real. Clouds lose hold so high, the sun is warm. Bright. Who are you chatter says to fly so high? So close to the sun. How dare you?

The atmosphere gets heavy. Memory weights us down, fear fires up. Our critical link she hardens and takes on heat, cycles furiously through oxygen. Force of nature. She. It occurs to her than as it had not moments earlier that the view before her is unfamiliar. Skin cells radiate aliveness, remind her of her nakedness. Spine stiffens. Shoulders pull back. Damn it, wings still incubating. Pain gusts, stings her eyes. They feel thirsty and begin to tire. They long to observe. For the creative period to end. She loses sight of her circle.

She looks down to the place from which she came. To the place she once loved. The ground is a long way down. She obsesses about falling. We obsess about falling. She forgets freedom. We do also.

We feel us feel her. Overcome. Overcome. Overcome. She hears us. Everything worthwhile is hard.

Sojourner Truth. Borne in shackles. Baby girl who mama spoke deep in to her eyes. Something different. Then disillusionment. Pain. Journey. Found a place. Became new. Led us from slavery. Grew us a home.

Cry. Wail. Mourn. Travel. Grow. Speak. Tell. Word. Freedom.

Sojourn. To dwell for a time in a circle of love.
Truth. That which is true.

She dips. Dips. Dips. Down. All the women circle round. Hold her up. Scissor. Frog. Swimmer. Her feet begin to dance. She catches herself. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. She smiles. Nine times. The winds blow in. The rain comes down. The flame falls quiet. She flies. We fly.

Rise Philadelphia Rise.

An astrophysicist who’s also explored her science by way of a novel about two pivotal 20th-century mathematicians, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing. Both pushed at boundaries where mathematics presses on grand questions of meaning and purpose. Such questions helped create the technologies that are now changing our sense of what it means to be human.

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"What is universal and timeless in literature is need - we continue to need [writers] who seem to know and feel and who move between these two modes of operation with wondrous fluidity. What is not universal or timeless, though, is form. Forms, styles, structures - whatever word you prefer - should change like skirt lengths. They have to otherwise make a rule, a religion, of one form; we say, ‘this form here, this is what reality is like,’ and it pleases us to say that because it means we don’t have to read anymore, or think, or feel."

Zadie Smith. Changing My Mind.